weight of words exhibition soon opening…


from november 3rd. to december 3rd. my site specific exhibition - weight of words - can be seen at the library in kgs. lyngby north of copenhagen. - all welcome!

the work - weight of words - contemplate how every word has multiple meanings, -  and the change of value and "weight" according to the context in which it is placed and how it is perceived.

a wooden structure that draws lines to an old letterpress box, forms the frame from where suspended glass bubbles hang. the blown glass bubbles have been re-melted to achieve a feeling of gravity, and contains examples of the 120 most frequently used words in the danish language. the words are handprinted and cut out in little strips as from pages in a book - hereby they appear individually, yet can be composed to form one or more sentences. the hand printing gives a tactile quality, and the ink intensity vary so that some words "weigh" and seem more evident than others. 

to every piece a glass bubble that contents iron powder is linked, and hereby serves as a counterweight that balances the words - and the weight of these.

extract of the exhibition poster

extract of the exhibition poster