new year, new studio

new studio and working space. 

- so happy that i am moving into this new studio at godsbanen in aarhus.

a lot of lovely space! - very much needed. - a little bit messy, as settling in.. 

from now on find me and my work at /

spor 3 / track 3 

skovgaardsgade 3

8000 aarhus c


crooked christmas continues

if you missed the christmas fair this weekend; despair not. - as it is now possible to find the crooked christmas balls in the museum shop at / 

designmuseum denmark (- who also sells my "top" bowls)

it is also possible to contact me directly, if one wish for some crooked christmas in the mailbox..

crookedly blown glass balls with underlay colour, optic pattern and iron or copper oxides

crooked christmas cookies

today and tommorow the christmas fair at "grønnegården" here at /

designmuseum denmark

bredgade 68

1260 copenhagen

 - is open from 10-17. 

come by and get tempted by a crooked christmas cookie perhaps?

crooked baking tins filled with hot castet glass - sprinkled with iron or copper oxides as icing.  they might be a little heavy for ordinary christmas tree branches - yet can be hung outside, and will then take upon new expression as the "icing" will change texture over time.

comes in all sorts of christmas kind of cookies - stars, hearts, (one-legged-)gingerbread men, bells, icicles, christmas-trees, moose etc.

crooked christmas trees

crooked christmas trees.. 

little crooked christmas ornaments, shaped in hot massive glass - with iron powder. looks good in a window sill, or even better - outside - the iron will then change in texture and rust over time, which i really like.

measures about 12 cm.


crooked christmas - now on

the christmas fair at "grønnegården" - the yard garden at designmuseum denmark - is now open!

friday 2/12 - 13-19

saturday 3/12 - 10-17

sunday 4/12 - 10-17

- come by and bring home a crooked christmas present for your dear ones - or for yourself. - I wrap in very nicely; as seen here:) - and you get a christmas card, where you can write all your crooked christmas greetings at the back...


crooked christmas

this coming week-end - the 2nd-4th december - I will be attending the danish craft and design organisation's new christmas fair. it is at "grønnegården" in the garden of designmuseum denmark.

i have developed a crooked christmas theme - a crooked take on christmas decorations and glasses - everything is a bit odd, crooked and upside down - come have a look! 

at /

designmuseum denmark

bredgade 68

1260 københavn k